Getting Back in the Swing of Things

I realize that it has been a very long time since I last posted, I think it’s been about three months! At the end of February, I caught a terrible case of bronchitis and sinusitis.  I missed about seven days of class and work because of it. Two weeks later I was finally feeling better and then I got swept up in all of the work involved in graduating college and finishing my student teaching. It’s amazing how much paperwork and meetings are involved to be approved for graduation and I just can’t believe that time flies like that and now I have a degree!

I would like to get back to regular posting and reading other blogger’s post but no promises! I am packed and ready to head off to Minnesota for a three-month long internship working with bears. There is limited internet and cell service where I will be, so I am not sure how often I can post while I am out there but each post will hopefully be awesome since they will feature bears!

After I finish with the bears I will head back to my mountains in the Blue Ridge and take a year to chill and figure out my next step. Now that I have graduated I am no longer working full-time at the wildlife rehabilitation center since it is student run and going down there was a part of class credit. However I do have a stockpile of photos and stories and I have agreed to volunteer as a transporter (meaning I might help transfer patients from one center to another and pick up patients from finders), so I plan on continuing to post about wildlife rehabilitation.

Hope everyone has a great summer! 🙂

possible noca.jpg PS- It is baby season in wildlife rehab and I’ll do a post on babies sometime this week! This picture is a baby bird that is just starting to grow feathers and is possibly a Northern Cardinal.