Dizzy Part 2

I went down to the center today and the director said that she had received an email from the finders of the hawk I rescued on Saturday, and that they were impressed with my coworker and I, evidently I was right that they doubted two short women could complete the rescue. The finders had also included two photos, one showed the hawk upside down in the tree. I was excited because I was so mad at myself for not getting pictures of such a strange event.

The other photo was one of me holding the hawk. I was unaware that the finder had even taken a photo of me with the hawk.I’ll have to say the hawk looks pretty upset.

In the photo you can’t tell (thank goodness because it had been sent to my director!), but I didn’t have the best hold of the hawk’s talons. The talons were twisted, not a major mistake just a rookie one, sometimes it just happens. Thought I’d share the photos, hope you enjoy more photos of the hawk. By the way she still hasn’t had any problems and will probably be going home soon. 🙂


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