Daily Word Prompt: Aware


I don’t see a bird in the sky
I see it’s a turkey vulture circling on dinner

I don’t see an apple core on the side of the road
I see a hawk that will be hit by a car

I don’t just see a glue trap
I see the glue on a songbird unable to fly

I don’t see styrofoam plates and paper cups
I see a pile of waste taking up space

I don’t just see a broken wing
I see the tears where bullets ripped through

I don’t see snackfood and makeup
I see a rainforest destroyed

Once you become aware
You can never see just the surface again


via Daily Prompt: Aware


4 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt: Aware

    1. It is challenging and it’s a decision that never gets easier, and your right she shared a bright light. It amazed me that despite facing hardships she remained content and upbeat always quacking and wagging her tail.

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