Photo Challenge: Repurpose


Wildlife rehabilitators appear to be hoarders since we will accept almost anything as a donation and we hold onto EVERYTHING because you never know when it might be repurposed for something we need.

Here are hummingbird feeders made out of disposable syringes. The syringes are single use, but we go through as many as 10 in one day, what a waste! So we paint the tip red and call it a nectar feeder.


As you can see in this Eastern Box Turtles cage, there are several repurposed items. We cut old pots in half and then use them as a shelter for the turtles since they hold moisture really well. We also get a lot of donated baby food and jar lids, which make a great plate!


We had one donator who had started knitting as a hobby, except all of the hats she had made were too small to gift to anyone, so she gave them to use. Nothing like a knitted hat fitted into a strawberry basket to make a nest!


My favorite repurpose of all is one of our long-term patients, “Duck Duck.” To make a beak splint for her we use old rubber gloves. Some of them came with holes in them or were donated by hospitals or medical companies that they could no longer use for various reasons.

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