Daily Word Prompt: Devastation

What Was

A rhino lays slain
Its horn hacked to a bloody stump
Driven by ancient Asian myths

Skies empty of large winged beauties
Pinned to a board for greedy collectors
Who claim to love butterflies

Sharks swimming without fins
Hopelessly drowning
All for a delicate soup

Buffalo slaughtered into oblivion
To cloth the latest trend
Survivors are shaggy ghost of what remains

Prized snakes snatched
Breed to rare exotic specifications
Sold to a collection

Elephants fall to their knees
As bullets rain down
Their magnificent ivory  stolen from them

Grizzlies murdered are left rotten
Their stomachs are torn open
Once a gall bladder, now an empty hole

It’s the biggest mass murder in the world
Magnificent African savannas and Asian rainforests empty of horns
Skies no longer dotted with tiny rainbows
The bloddy ocean is missing a few fins
The legendary buffalo is all tales of the days
Grounds empty of slithering hisses
An African bush feels lonely without giants
Toy shelves filled with bears serves as a reminder of what was

People will take notice one day
When the lands are depleted
When the skies are emptied
When the ocean is drained
When the planet bleeds the blood of the voiceless


Image result for deforestation

Image from https://www.pachamama.org/effects-of-deforestation



via Daily Prompt: Devastation


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