Save the Endangered Spices

In the evenings I help homeschool a six year old who does virtual public school. She is an incredibly analytical deep thinker with a passion for learning. A few days ago, she gets this idea that she wants to create a book about endangered species because she wants to learn more about why they are endangered. I agree and told her to go grab some construction paper, while she does this I pull up the World Wildlife Foundations as a starting place for research. She comes running back with the paper and sits back down in front of her computer. “Endangered sp-spices?” She reads, “Spices?” The image of everyone struggling to save oregano and chili powder come to mind, hurry we need more thyme to save them all!

Trying not to laugh at the mistake, I corrected her, “Species.” She studies the word before repeating back to me, “Species.” Yet, all throughout creating the book she kept saying “spices.” Oh, well at least she wants to save the endangered spices.

It was interesting listening to all of the questions she kept asking and the comments she would make,

“Why do people hurt snow leopards they are sooo cute!”

“Don’t people understand that the snow leopard isn’t eating people’s animals to be mean? They just want dinner like everyone else!”

“The ice is melting where the polar bears live! We have to stop it!”

“Why are people building on their homes? Why can’t everyone just get along? Tigers are just sooo cute!”

The commentary and questions never ended but it was adorable and humorous. Turns out my kid (as I affectionately call her because we spend so much time together) is the kind of person who has so much empathy that she cries at cute pictures of animals and the idea that people don’t respect animals.

This picture prompted her into hysterical laughter!

This image is from National Geographic Kids.

Here are two images that made her cry. She cried at the tiger because it was sooo cute and she cried at the tusks because she couldn’t comprehend why anyone would take them.

African Elephant Confiscating Conflict ivory

The tiger image is from National Geographic Kids and the tusks image is from World Wildlife Foundation.


2 thoughts on “Save the Endangered Spices

  1. This is one of your best. You’re great at storytelling, you should be telling stories more, especially about your “kid” and the endangeres “spices”. Can’t wait for your next post… (No pressure!) 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I always have a hard time writing stories, I prefer poetry and photographs because there’s more freedom. Maybe when I have more thyme (hehe, I couldn’t resist) later this week I’ll write another one about my “kid.”

      Liked by 1 person

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