Flight of an Owl


Silent Hunter

Tranquil perch

Inquisitively investigating

Waiting for the last rays

To fall from the horizon

Darkness falls

Power builds up

The majestic swoop

Silent and deadly

Falling on the prey

Morning comes

Statue like, once again

Waiting quietly for the moon


Hi guys, so that was a poem I wrote a few years back and here is a link to a video compilation of a Great Horned Owl flying across a 60-foot long enclosure. This owl came from Wyoming where she was hit by a car and the driver figured since he was headed our way he would take her the whole trip. As you can see in the picture below she is quite lighter in color than most Great Horned Owls, well at least the NC Great Horns! We think that she is some variation of a subspecies.In the picture, you will notice one eye is very dilated, as with most hit by car injuries she sustained head trauma resulting in that eye becoming blind. Not to worry, she is packing her bags and getting ready to head back to Wyoming!

Flight of a Great Horned Owl

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you guys have any suggestions of what I should write next.

Oh and here is a photo of Chewi a Great Horned Owl of “normal” coloration for comparisons. Sorry, the one below isn’t the best quality.





4 thoughts on “Flight of an Owl

  1. Wow, great poem and great photo! Loved the video too! I’ve never seen one before, just in photos) they look intimidating and too mysterious, so I only ever like the cartoon owls, you know, the cute ones… But now, I think I’m starting to appreciate them in real life. Thank goodness they are in good condition now. Anyway, do you happen to have read or watched Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them?


    1. Haha, maybe I’ll post a cute owl one day! If you look at my post on jesses I have a picture of an Eastern Screech Owl which is wayyyy smaller! I’ll also have to post the video I have of a Barn Owl’s defense mechanism because that is intimidating. And this owl was a lucky one, wildlife rehabilitation in America has about a 70% success rate if it’s a good year. Yes, I have read Fantastic Beasts but I have yet to see the movie since I live so far from a movie theater :(. It happens to be my favorite book by J.K. Rowling, well it’s tied with Tales of Beedle the Bard.

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