Daily Word Prompt: Exposure


First time out of the states

To an impoverished place

Exposed to a lack of care for

Children with mental and physical handicaps

Without care, without support

Exposed to the happiness

Children with very little

With love, with happiness in their hearts

Exposed to a world unlike my own

Children in homemade wheelchairs

With the biggest smiles on their faces


Exposed to the idea that America is with things

But with children who lack true happiness

Without gratitude for what they have

With contempt for what they lack



via Daily Prompt: Exposure


3 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt: Exposure

    1. Haha insomnia mostly! Also when I read a prompt it either speaks to me or it doesn’t. If it speaks to me it just flows. Also it probably helps that I am a hoarder of quotes, photos, poems, or any creative content that I feel might serve a purpose. I have been reading your blog and your right we seem to have a lot in common. I understood the one you wrote about dreams unrealized completely, that’s why in May I’m taking the plunge and traveling, I’m roadtripping across the states!

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